Saturday, March 22, 2014

Community Library Meeting helps set path for Strategic Planning

By Michele Bisson Savoy

Paul Signorelli led the meeting this morning held at the Alex Rorabaugh Center in Ukiah. About 25 people attended. Each person spoke for two minutes. Some gave opinion and some offered up ideas. The feedback from the meeting and the surveys will help direct the strategic plan for the Library, according to Library Director, Mindy Kittay. Ukiah Branch Head Librarian Eliza Wingate spoke about all the changes that have taken place in the recent past, noting the teen room, full time children’s librarian and the fun events which ranged from goat cheese and first Fridays to Halloween costumes. It was a very interesting meeting. Several individuals spoke about the importance of the collection of books in the library. It was noted that the library is now open 48 hours a week and has 19 more employees (due to Measure A). Most of the attendees liked the new furniture and layout. A couple didn’t like the new self-check machines, but most people in the room accepted them as part of the future, like ATMs at the bank or self-check at the grocery store.

Paul Signorelli posted the notes and they will be available for the public in the future. Benj Thomas and Jonathan Middlebrook from the Library Advisory Board were in attendance and both talked about the importance of literacy and the value of the book. Mary-Kate Stoever and Michele Bisson Savoy from the Board of the Friends of the Library attended to show their support for the library and to gain ideas for how the FOL can support the library in the future. Several individuals were interested in more adult education programs including literacy.

Photos by MKS

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  1. Heartfelt thanks to the Friends of the Ukiah Library for supporting this forum, and kudos to members of the community for managing to express a variety of opinions and dreams for the Ukiah library in a very open, civil, and respectful way--quite an inspiring contrast to the contentious shouting matches we so often see elsewhere.