Friday, September 12, 2014

August 2014 at the Children’s Library

by Judith Kayser, Children’s Librarian at The Ukiah Valley Library

   August was a fun and busy month thanks to lots of great programming events including a life-sized popular book character, Pete the Cat,  live animals, (see above 6foot alligator), and a finale celebration with ice cream sundaes! 

   With over a thousand patrons coming to the library for the Summer Reading Program, we’ve been really thankful that our new furniture is on wheels so we can push the shelves back when we need room for dancing!  I thank Jen Lyon for helping with the Kid’s Farmers Market, which was a great success thanks to her marketing savy and “gardening/farming” friends in the community.

   The weeding of the nonfiction section in the Children’s Library  has been completed with the help of our awesome volunteers and it’s such a great accomplishment and feeling to know we can begin adding current, age appropriate, and attractive information on the shelves for children! 
   The departure of Katie Cason, our Vista volunteer, left a void in our Preschool program. Katie and I were a team for Bilingual story time, and we had lots of fun. I really miss her smiling presence!  I’m happy to say that just today I met a new employee at First Five who will, hopefully, take over many of Katie’s jobs including helping with story time!  I will be talking with her this week about collaborating with me on Imagination Library and story time.
The story time at the Farmer’s Market has been so much fun with staff and volunteers reading stories to kids. The UVFriends are selling some books/memberships and getting some great publicity with their presence as well.
Thanks to all that helped make Summer Reading such a success.  Especially, of course, Ukiah Valley Friends, as well as Mountain View Assisted  Living, and Elizabeth Kalen, our Summer Reading Program coordinator.

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